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Emotional Clearing Counseling

Emotional Clearing Facilitators are available in person or on the phone / skype. Extensive experience has shown distance counseling to be equally effective to in-person work.

International / USA Facilitator Listings: Facilitators trained by John.

In learning any skill, there are times when a personal teacher may be advantageous. Although you may apply the fundamentals of Emotional Clearing as a self-therapy, it is also a powerful therapeutic modality when used within the therapist-client relationship - to help you get started, or if you feel stuck, or if you simply want the advantage of a therapist’s skill and support. Working with a counselor might be especially helpful if you have no previous exposure to inner work.

The central focus in Emotional Clearing Counseling is the deeply relaxed state in which the subconscious is accessed and where healing spontaneously occurs. It is the meditative-hypnotic state, where the therapist acts as facilitator, energetically helping the client to enter alpha, enabling them to go deeper than they can on their own. This is effected primarily by the therapist entering alpha and energetically influencing the client through a psychic vibrational resonance that the therapist has been trained to induce. Entrainment technology also may be judiciously used, along with breathwork. The therapist also consciously channels healing energy to the client. The client is supported by the energy of the therapist, feels safe, and is guided through the process. Developing the special sensitivity for guiding a client through deep alpha-state process is a major part of the training for certification that John performs with therapists.

In the alpha state, there is no attempt to recondition the subconscious to achieve behavioral goals. Alpha state is used only for healing of feelings, through communion with deep levels of the subconscious soul, not reconditioning, which we consider intrusive and undesirable. Negative behavior, including addictions, usually derives from self-rejecting attempts to avoid feelings and will change spontaneously and dramatically after feelings are released; the attempt to change behavior without first clearing underlying feelings is futile.

What conditions do we work with?

• Depression, general emotional discontent.
• Anxiety, fear about personal safety or money.
• Anger, powerlessness, helplessness, coercion.
• Sexual frustration, incapacity, or acting out.
• Lack of nurturing in your life.
• Self-esteem issues, frustration attaining life goals.
• Heartbreak, loneliness, jealousy, hatred.
• Relationship issues with loved ones, co-workers, parents, children.
• Addictions, including drugs, alcohol, smoking, food, work, sex, cell phone.
• The emotional component of any health condition.
• Trauma of all types.

To recognize that you have an issue with ongoing negative feelings is a courageous and mature step to intelligently taking care of yourself. Emotional suppression is a condition that pervades the world today, resulting in the chaos we see all around us. Those of us who pro-actively work on ourselves are amongst the vanguard, healing not only ourselves but collective humanity.


This system of inner work was developed by John Ruskan. It is a brilliant, original synthesis of Eastern spiritual and Western psychological principles that John presents in his book EMOTIONAL CLEARING, published by Random House. The system may be self-applied, but it has been found that a trained facilitator can be highly desirable at times to initiate the approach and provide guidance and energetic support. Typically, this enables you to get faster results than you might on your own, and helps you break through blocks that might discourage you from doing the work.


Under the guidance of your facilitator, you sit or lie as you prefer, with closed eyes, and are guided into a deep alpha-state relaxation using a unique, powerful induction technique. The first stage of the work is to familiarize you with this new deep meditative relaxation, where many superficial stressful feelings automatically evaporate.

After you learn to be at home here, you and your facilitator will explore your issues in the same alpha-state. In addition to the feelings of which you are aware, it is likely other, more primary core feelings will emerge from the subconscious under the skillful direction of the facilitator. You will be guided to release all these feelings inwardly, using unique, proprietary techniques, resulting in a thorough cleansing. No outward expression of feelings is required.

Releasing is effected through the deep inner experiencing of the feelings. This kind of experiencing is different from what we are normally used to. It is a spiritual experiencing, characterized by the presence of universal healing energies that the facilitator is trained to awaken in you, and a strong sense of witnessing and peacefulness, even with very painful feelings.

It has been found through extensive experience that telephone counseling is as effective as in-person work.

How many sessions will I need?

EMOTIONAL CLEARING is not a superficial quick-fix, but goes to the deep core structure that keeps any feeling recurring. The work you do here will be significant, addressing major life patterns and allowing them to realign themselves in positive ways. It is a non-religious spiritual program, removing emotional blocks to the evolutionary expansion of consciousness, opening to unconscious higher guidance, and will fit in with any spiritual path you may be on.

The work may be considered to be both short and long-term. Usually when starting the work, dramatic releases occur quickly, in the first few sessions, and major life changes can follow soon after. It becomes apparent how much our suppressed feelings have been influencing our perceptions, limiting us, and attracting negative conditions or people.

However, as we get into the work, we realize that the core patterns we are addressing have formed over long periods of time, if not lifetimes, and it would be unrealistic to expect overnight change. We see we must be patient with ourselves and allow time for deep regeneration. Such an attitude, in itself, prepares us for maximum progress. Anyone who has done any kind of deep inner work will understand the truth of this.

A short-term program of 5 to 10 sessions with your facilitator will clear current significant feelings and get you through issues that are coming up for you now, and make sure you know how to successfully process feelings on your own. At that point, you may consider if longer term work and ongoing emotional/energetic support may be an advantage for you as you engage any "lifetime clearing mission." People who do choose to continue with counseling support do so because they find it a wise investment.