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The following 100+ testimonials were received unsolicited directly from readers before Amazon was up and running. They are reproduced verbatim.

I wanted to thank you so much for writing your wonderful book, Emotional Clearing. I first read your book about 16 years ago when I was healing a 27 year addiction to smoking. The healing of my physical addiction came very quickly but the emotional/spiritual clearing was deep and intense. A dear friend of mine, who was 94 at the time and a profoundly spiritual woman handed me your book and told me to "heal thyself." It took me a few months of heavy processing but every word of your book proved true. I emerged not only freed from smoking but from the grip of many repressed feelings that I could never seem to get to through any 12 step program. I recently reread your book because I think I am clearing the repressed feelings of an eating disorder-- the acting out stopped years ago but the repressed emotions had never been dealt with..and so I returned to your pages ready and willing. I have given your book to many seekers of peace. Doesn't matter what religion or background, every person who has read your book has had life-changing experiences by surrendering to your process. I know this, if a person is willing to be present for themselves the healing begins... Thank you so much John. I have wanted to say that to you for many years but never knew you had a web site until today. Thank you so much for your courage, insight and willingness to be a light for many. All the best to you,

I'm writing this email to express the deepest gratitude for the book you made available to us in 1994. I personally stumbled on it in 2004, and am revisiting it for the 5th time now. The first time I read it I was repeatedly baffled by the notion of allowing emotion without acting on it in the ways that had been habitual and automatic for me until that time. Despite not being able by the end of that first reading to practise what you describe, a bookmark was made in me somewhere, and I kept coming back to "Emotional Clearing" every few years, when I felt the experiences that had accrued in the interim would yield a fresh perspective. I'd like to say a profound thank you for the purity with which you write; I find it easy to stay with books I sense are aimed above my current level of perception if the author is level-headed, unassuming, and mindful of unpretentious syntax and correct grammar. The almost negligible presence of your personality in the delivery of the book is reassuring (as opposed to the ego trips some personal development authors unwittingly embark on). I felt un-proselytized-to, and welcome to return to the work at hand at some stage in the future, when it would reveal the next layer to me. Now, finally, 10 years after that first reading, the concept has landed. Everything I have observed until now is coming together in a synthesis that requires only the courage and self-faith to allow what surprisingly surfaces to surface. I thought I felt alive in my late-twenties/early-thirties....the coiled potential I feel now exceeds that, being of my own making and devoid of illusion. Your beautifully and precisely crafted book struck a resonance with me, and it has been a significant factor in my being in the enviable position I am in today. Such is our power to positively impact people we have never met. Thank you, thank you so very much for your contribution.

I absolutely love your book, it is really revolutionary, I wish I had found it years ago! Everything that you write about makes so much sense, it brings together so many concepts from different areas and fills in the blanks. I have read so many self help books over the years and for me this is the one that really nails it. I love the work of Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle, they are two of my favourite authors, but I always felt there was an intangible "something" missing from their work, I could never put my finger on what it was. But when I read your book I knew I had found the answers I had been looking for. It has already made a big difference in my life, I feel much calmer knowing what I need to do when painful feelings arise. I feel more accepting of myself and of others. Thank you so much. Your work is truly a blessing, it makes a real difference in people's lives.
Julie-Anne, Ireland

I put my message short, from my heart. I was sick. Your spiritual system of emotional working on yourself, which you share with the world set me free.
I feel that my soul is free. I feel my unique voice. Thank you, that you bring people to enlightenment. Yes, we all can awaken our creative potential to higher Good. Thank you John. I will continue to spread the good news. We all are one. Peace to you my life friend.
Jarek, Poland

I just wanted to write to you with words of thanks for writing Emotional Clearing. I am a student of Buddhism and A Course In Miracles whose blocks in practice had reached crisis point. Reading it explained exacly my own errors in spiritual practice. In short a great weight was lifted from my shoulders when I realised that far from denying obstructive thoughts, I should be bringing them fully into my awareness. Furthermore I discovered that a lot of my friends who had been practicing for a similar number of years were at a similar stuck point in their practice and am currently watching as your book brings freedom to a close friend. Indeed, today she emailed me to thank me for the book. I'm sure you have received countless emails like this one but I just wanted to express my deep gratitude. It has helped 2 people quite profoundly and for that I thank you a lot. Everyday I recognise how incredibly helpful your methods are and how lost I would be without them. Kind Regards,
Chris, in the UK

I feel the need to say thank you to you and the persons which made it possible, that your work reached me. I'm working with your book 'emotional clearing' and it is so much helping me with understanding and accepting me and the world arround me and how to work with my feelings. It came just in the right time :). Yes I would say it is nonexaggerated that you are saving my life. There is a lot of work for me to do, but motivated by your words, I feel power to go on. Words are not enough to express my greatfulness...Your disciple,
Sibylle Germany

I bought your book couple of months ago and I have read it a lot times. It is truly an amazing book.!! I would like to thank you for your time and effort to write such powerful book. It changed the way I relate to feelings. I also practice releasing the old feelings. It is truly amazing.
Malek from New jersey

I just wanted to state just how much your book has helped me. The process of self-therapy that you explain has been a huge blessing to me. I have never before had a tool like this to deal with the issues in my life. Everything I came across prior to your book was severely lacking in effectiveness and often, in my opinion, downright harmful. Emotional Clearing has been a powerful book for me. I needed this process more than anything. Thank you.

I read your book when it came out in 1994, coming across it because at the time I had suffered with severe hives for 2 1/2 years. No medical, psychological or "spiritual" treatments affected the uncomfortable and life-changing event of having a chronic condition like hives in that time. I read your book cover to cover and did all the exercises. The hives were a result of unexpressed anger and I worked all summer to finally accept the emotional state that was underlying my condition. Within a month of reading your book, my hives left permanently. Thank you for your work in this world.

I have found Emotional Clearing to be tremendously helpful. I have done a lot of study and practice on personal growth and EC stands out clearly. My friend Heather read the book and bought five copies to give to friends. She gave one to me so I could give my copy back to the owner after 2 years. I keep the book handy and when things start to get muddy I crack it open to a random page and always find something useful and often quite inspiring. My meloncholy mood sometimes completely transforms in a paragragh (by realizing that it's ok to feel that way). Thank You.

I am so pleased to have just finished "Emotional Clearing" and feel it to be the very best thing in print that I've ever had the good fortune to read. My entire life has been dedicated to self growth and I've become acquainted with many applications: from Theta healing, to channeling, to yoga, to astrology and in between. Your book has been my pocket therapist and as a therapist (Ph.D., clinical psychology), I have been inspired to help others in this manner.  Of course, the opportunity to practice this processing work, comes up all the time. With "Emotional Clearing", I have been able to thus far, move into realms inaccessible to me in the past.  I don't know where we will go, but I have been transformed, simply by staying within myself. Thank you so much for writing this book!

I have been doing emotional clearing on myself for over 21 months now and the benefits are just unbelievable.There is nothing I want to do more in life, than teach others how to do it also and succeed in life the way they should. Thank you,

Your wonderful book 'Emotional Clearing' has changed my life, perhaps more than anything else I've read. Most of us learn from early childhood to seek to avoid 'negative' feelings, such as anger and fear. You teach us that by simply allowing our feelings to be rather than being motivated by them, they are released. By living according to this principle, I have been able to realise deeper levels of happiness, and am less troubled when I do experience 'negative' feelings. I would recommend this book to anyone. Thank you, John! Love and light,

I simply don't undertsand why this excellent book is not valued as it should be. After ploughing through the Collected Works of Jung and reading for years about every mystical/magical/religious/philosophical system on the planet, I rate this one of the top ten books of all time. Ruskan is clear, thorough and enthusiastic. he is one of the best communicator's I have come across - no Crowlian obfuscation here folks - this guy is the real McCoy. Do yourself a big favour and buy it - more than that - do the ones you love a big favour and buy them a copy. This book is superb - I kid you not.
Bill, UK

Your work is fascinating.....As everyone on this planet has much emotional clearing to do, so everyone could learn from you. I have done over 20 years of emotional clearing, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your book. It brings so much sense and light to the big picture of the inner and outer worlds. I am deeply grateful that the Universe put into my hands your amazing enlightening book. I am committed to master all this knowledge and put it into good use in my own life and the one of others. I read your book thoroughly once last week and now this week I am going through every word....synthesizing it for myself ! I am "drinking" every word....Your words are resonating in me with such force...You have put together in the most magnifiscent way what I have experienced in pieces or understood throughout 20 years of inner healing work. I deeply thank you again for your amazing work, discoveries you made through your own personal inner work. Your book is lifechanging! Thank you! Merci!

Your book 'Emotional Clearing' is one of the best (if not the best) I have ever read in the psycho-spiritual field.

I found your book one week ago in a "Borders" in San Francisco. My name is Emilie and I am 25. I would like to thank you for writing Emotional Clearing. I never identified as somebody with any spirituality to her until I hit somewhat of a dead end this month, in terms of my quest for a purpose or for hapiness. The technique of Intergrative processing gives me the perspective I need to stop working against myself. I am so grateful for your book because it is saving me an amazing amount of confusion regarding self work. I have done many kinds of therapy throughout my life and I earned a BA in cognitive science from college, but really, Intergrative Processing is the best approach that I have ever encountered, and your book is extremely clear; I can tell you meant to help the world in the most honest manner when you wrote it.
Thank you, Emilie

The most powerful book I've ever read. (and continue to read/process). Thank you! Please let me know who to contact for workshops/healers to further advance my emotional clearing. I reside in southern california.
Kind Regards

i have recently read the book 'emotional clearing' and feel it is probably
one of the most valuable books i have read. i am wondering if you have any connections in australia - particularly sydney? i look forward to hearing from you

I've read hundreds of books and tried many many different approaches/medications to resolve my issues with anger, fear and worry. Your approach seems to tie together the different techniques and approaches that I have tried over the years. I note a bit of similarity between your words of wisdom and the words of OSHO. I must say that your book is what I consider to be the very best self-help book I have ever read. You've produced a masterful work of art! It has become my guide book to recovery. Thank you for the time and energy you've put into to creating this program and book.Sincerely,

I am a Ph.D. psychologist in Minneapolis, MN. I am just finishing your book, and find it to be one of the most useful, clear, transformational books I've ever read. It fits with a lot of personal work I have been doing, and I want to integrate it into my practice, but I see I've missed both Level I certifications for this year. When/where will you be doing more? I look forward to meeting you sometime in the near future.
Laurel, Ph.D., LP

hello john, i am in the process of reading your book and i think it's one of the best books on healing that i've ever read. i like the logical manner in which you write about emotions. in each chapter i pick up a completely new insight and then understand it better through the specific examples you give. i think it's the missing link for all the previous work i've done. thank you,

A big thanks for your wonderful book Emotional Clearing. One of the most inspiring, wise, helpful, insightful and downright useful books I've ever read. A radical new way of experiencing life. I'm working methodically through it for the third time since purchasing it about a year ago. Virtually every page contains a wealth of information for meditating on and integrating into life. I can only reiterate how valuable I believe your book to be. I'm reminded of the time, when I was much younger, that I first read Carl Jung. For me, your work ranks up there. In my experience you have developed a profound interpretation of human existence and the connections between emotions, the body and the soul, and our passage through this troubled life - and most importantly, one that's lucid. Congratulations.

Your book changed my ENTIRE life. I have been on a path of self-discovery and emotional healing ever since. I now own a new age bookstore and CONSTANTLY preach emotional healing!! I'll never forget that cold day in Sedona, Arizona when I prayed to God to show me a way out (I was in so much pain) or to take me home, because I couldn't go on that way anymore. And then I came across your book the next day. I am ever so grateful to you. An incredible journey that started with one step and one book. And just look at me now!! :) Blessings, love and light,

I have read your book in german, it's the best book in this field I have ever read. I got very interested in the whole subject and wonder if you or some of your students give workshops also in Europe, in germany or italy - where I live and work as a QiGong-teacher.
Andrea, Firenze/ Italia

I have read a ton'o'books .... done everything , seen every thing , been a TM siddha for 20+ years.... your book is the best written , most practical , no -nonsense ,comprensive , down to earth ....manual have concisely delieated the human condition ,why we are here , and where we are going as individuals.... probably the best book ever written on this suject --- most certainly the best I have read thanks to you for this book....I do believe ,as the NEW ERA dawns , your book will be more and more recognized as the classic work AND the landmark that it IS and finally be seen as one of the most difinitive works of this generation . Congratulations and thank you ... you are truely a genius .

I have just read your book and believe it is truly groundbreaking. Over the past several years, my life has pretty much ground to a halt. Stagnation has set in. At this point, I realize that I have a lot of emotional clearing to do, and would prefer to do it with the assistance of a therapist trained/experienced in the process outlined in your book. I am also interested in group work. Would you please send me a few names/phone numbers of available therapists in San Francisco? Preferably women in their 50s+ (I am a lesbian, 43)-- but more than that I would like to work with someone who is truly clear on their own issues. If they are also well-versed in codependency dynamics and recovery issues, all the better. Thanks very much.

mr. ruskan, john, if you will...thank you so much, for 'emotional clearing". i count it, in the top 10 books that have profoundly influenced my life. i recommend it to all my friends on a regular basis, it is timely, for us all...thanks again....

I am writing to say how invaluable I have found your book "Emotional Clearing". Interestingly my brother had bought it for me about three years ago, a very challenging time for me. I put it on the bookshelf barely looking at it. Recently I walked past the bookshelf where I had left your book and it leapt out at me, as things often do. I devoured the book, it made such simple and perfect sense to me, bringing together all the pieces into a whole. More than anything your book, your inclusion of the concept of past lives, and astrological aspects, caused such a shift in my perspective that I now see my earlier life and parental relationships with much more clarity and wisdom.
Thank you for such a marvellous book, reading it felt as though you were communicating directly with me, making the impact of the book that much more felt. Best regards

hello! i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. your worked has
changed my life.ive cleared alot of issues that i ddidnt know what to do with.
i'm amazed and ive been doing this now for only 5 months.i can actually feel
feelings now without being scared. im very grateful!!!!

My sister just happened to pick up your book this christmas, I am half way through your book emotional clearing. I have to say it is one of the best books I have every read.!!! I want to purchase the emotional clearing guided meditation cassette and the Desert Dawn CD. I live in the republic of Ireland, will you let me know how I can order these. Also do you ever conduct any Workshops in Dublin. ? Once again thank you for writing such a wonderful book!!

Your book is the shit! It totally changed my life and my health! Thank ya!!!!
A German fan of yourz!

I first want to say that I was not only tremendously impressed with your book, but also felt my own transformation within several days. It is utterly extraordinary! I am a professor of criminal justice at Northern AZ University and have worked for many years with healers within the Navajo Nation in their peacemaking program. They use traditional healing process to bring about emotional catharsis usually with alcoholic men and women who are highly violent and abusive. I was struck by the parallels between your approach and that described in some of the most ancient Navajo philosophy (for lack of a better term - they reject the word "religion"). Their core mythic figures are the hero twins. The heart/nurturance center corresponds with Born for Water and the warrior aspect you describe analogs with Monster Slayer. In the distant past the hero twins vanquished most, but not all, of the monsters. The monsters of today are hopelessness, depression, violence, frustration, etc. These monster were intentionally left undefeated so that human beings would possess challenges in their daily lives. Also, you discuss "inner" feeling and then expressing or acting on those feelings (which you very wisely advise against). This also exists in Navajo ways, since their universe is entirely dyadic. The Inner is not "your's" until it is expressed. Thus the outer form of thought is speech or speech is the outer form of thought/feeling. There are many, many of such dyads with Navajo ways. One of the most important is hozho (beauty, solidarity, harmony) and hochxco (disorder, disharmony). This is a single circulating energy that is never perfectly stable. Thus one can seek to live entirely in hozho, but it is guaranteed that this state will move into its opposite given the nature of the universe (I am summarizing a complex philosophy). I was wondering, would you be interested in working with Navajo elders with your approach. I believe that by integrating your vision of self therapy with their approach to emotional catharsis, one of the most powerful forms of family and community healing could be created. The time is perfect for this since many jurisdictions are looking at these models with a relatively high level of seriousness.

Your book has deeply affected my life and work in so many wonderful ways. The book was suggested as a method of working with clients in a transformational workshop I facilitate. Reading it came at the right time. In fact I have not stopped reading it since. What it has turned out to be is a life saver. And the life this information has saved is mine. In turn the life of my clients and friends have been affected as much of my approach to my work -- as a workshop facilitator and personal coach -- has been influenced by your writing. Thank you for writing this book. I would say, this book has been the most valuable of its kind I have read. You have provided the missing link... shown the way to what individuals and communities can do to become whole.
...appearing as a black man living in America Brooklyn, NY

I hold your book dear as one of the three most important books in my life. I found your book to be like a caress, a book to be lovingly experienced rather than simply read from cover to cover. Sometimes I pick it up and read a page randomly. Then I have to stop just to breathe in and feel what I've read. It's like the book is a container I can open and the love just pours out. Wow. So if you're coming to Australia I'd love to meet you/hear you speak.
Robyn (Adelaide, Australia)

I have found your Emotional Clearing book to be helpful beyond words! Thanks for writing it and what a great website too.

I have picked up your book by chance recently and I think I haven't read something like it before--thank you for this no-nonsense and astonishingly wise and perceptive guide out of what may appear as a jumble of karmic entanglements and emotional layers. I enjoy the book soo much and, even though I have been on the serious spiritual path for some time, this is the first time I really understand karma--in terms of accumulated suppressed [subconscious] energies. Totally clear. I am also quite bodily oriented in terms of intuition, and it may even seem that your past lives as a dancer probably contributed to such a crystal understanding of these issues. I see that you're planning to set up a network of therapists. I live in Vancouver, Canada. Could you please let me know if there is somebody here to get in touch with, or if you're planning to have a workshop here at some time. I'm still reading the book and feel I can finally get some real work done using the techniques you suggest. However, as I deal with addictions, I'd like to know in the case I hit a rough spot if there is somebody close here to talk to. Other than that, I am quite familar with yoga and what you say about yoga concerning release was another revelation to me. This is such a great book; thank you so much for bringing your expertise and heart to help people who really wish to face those things and eventually be free. Namaste All the best of Light to you
Larisa, Vancouver Canada

I would like to thank you for the marvelous gift you gave to all people who are suffering from compulsions, illnesses and other hardships of modern life. Your book contains precious insights on all the problems affecting people in their everyday life. Personally, I've been suffering from compulsive eating for more than 3 years. Now, thanks to your book, I finally found an answer to this problem. I couldn't thank you enough for the information you give in your book concerning addictions in general.
Ksenia, University of Geneva

I was encouraged to join a Personal Growth and Creative Development Course. Your book Emotional Clearing, was recomended reading material. In April, I reached the Big Five O and immediately ran into a crisis. My life had this terrible feeling of lonliness and emptyness. Leaving the college, there I saw your book and picked it up. I left Confused - Hurt - Abandoned and broke down at home! I was amazed that you encourage one to embrace their feelings, when I had just encountered rejection from fellow class mates, while tutors thought it wise that I did not attend further classes. So much so, for the cliche - 'It is safe to explore emotions or feelings when they arise' !!!!! Your book has been an absolute life saver and of great value, it has helped me tremendously through this most difficult time. I am able to understand and identify with my feelings and am now recovering. Needless to say, I will not be going back to the Development Course.  Apart from which. they only want things to be positive, light, airy fairy and could not deal with negative emotions, which includes conflicts. The course I was on opened up old wounds and added new ones, The wounds were left open, highly sore and raw, with the aid of your book and bed rest, I have restored myself to full health. I can't thank or praise you enough for writing this most valueable book. I trust my e-mail will be encouraging to others facing crisis in their life, especially when no one else around understands or offers emotional support.
Thankfully yours

This is to say, Thank you, I have experienced a deep spiritual link with you, re
em.clearing, that I appreciate hugely.For approx 21/2 yrs, I worked with a spiritual healer - since being drawn to your book, the comprehension to many aspects of healing that I sought have been clarified. This has and is making a huge difference re self collaboration, and willingness. Some very deep feelings have moved and integrated. The difference is phenomenal regards greater ease, competence, self reclamation, and flow during daily interactions and decisions,Thank you so much. Alot of relief and release. With gratitude

i found your book emotional clearing has made my life totally changed. if any other material available in relationships please be kind enough to forward me. i appreciate your work a great deal and thank you for the knowledge and insight it brought me.

Just want to say thanks for writing that book. You are a very smart. Haven't read this good a self-help book ever. Even 'Be Here Now' by Ram Dass doesn't explain life as good as you do. Hopefully I'll be able to release all my negativity. Last week i concentrated on my feelings while sitting in meditation, but i cried for forty-five minutes. Guess i have so much suppressed that it might take awhile. Thanks again John and hope to see another book in the future (i got the always needing more problem), even though i know this EM book tells all i need to know for now. Take Care!

I wanted to express my gratitude for your amazing contribution by gifting us with the writing of your brilliant book. I have just completed it and about to start it again for a second time. I have been intuitively guided for many years on the importance of emotions, however trying to source information (and I have read thousands of books) that validates my guidance has been to no avail...............until now of course. Your book and knowledge has had such an amazing impact on me and now it will in my business. I feel it is time to throw all my other books away. i have finally found the truth. I have been a healer, intuitive/ spititual counseller etc for years, but i have struggled to find the final piece of wisdom to share (knowing it was out there somewhere). and now after reading your book I have found the final pieces I craved on emotions. I too have done the new age thing and found I ended up with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because of all the resistance and repression of emotions that I thought I should not have. Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to find my truth. I am so passionate about this because of the huge impact the lack of information on the importance and truth of emotions the new age sector has had on me, my health, my family and my marriage. I want to help bring this information to the world and particularly down under here in Australia. After working on clearing my emotions for the past few months I feel a sense of stronger intuition now and realise it may be a life long journey, however I feel such a sense of freedom in knowing I am now finding my own answers instead of wondering what is wrong with me for feeling any negative emotions. It is such a feeling of empowerment and the most powerful knowledge I have ever gained and I truly want to share with others the importance of feeling again. Thank you again John, I am so grateful to have attracted your book to me and gained this priceless knowledge in this lifetime. Love and Inspiration,

I am very seriously interested in professional certification. I am so personally inspired by your work and the process. I find it's relentless enlightenment to be the most rewarding and empowering by product of any spiritual guidance resource I've had the fortune of discovering. I live in NY and would love the opportunity to begin Integration Certification in May. I am soon to celebrate my 40th birthday and am committed to my own Spiritual Journey and am amazed by the impact that reading your book has had on my perspective and approach to living. Please be assured that after reading your book I feel even more certainly able to determine that the source of my motivation is by no means an attempt to escape but to accept what has seemed inevitable and impending for as long as I can remember. Your approach is the sum of the parts that I've always appreciated but practiced separately and without the concept of Integration. Thank you again for generating the light for the next stretch of my path.
With admiration and gratitude,

Just a brief note from Ireland to let you know how valuable your book has been to me, and still is. I am back to it for the third time. It has helped me to start making sense of life. I hope to send a more comprehensive email about my experience of your work at some later date (what a treat!), but for now just thank you. Regards, Cliona


dear John, absolutely love and inspired by your book.i have rung U.S.A. to order your guided meditation. can't wait to receive it. any plans to visit Australia,John? i'm sure the interest would be here!
best wishes,

If I haven't told you already, I would like to go on record as saying, having read both your books, I am in awe at your genius... and you have certainly enriched my life through your insights...
Thank you again-Nancy

I'm rereading your book -- read it when it first came out and thought it was great then - with even more excitement than the first time. I'm a beginning therapist/healer (altho I've been doing spiritual and psychological work for thirty years), and really want to use your approach. I don't know if you're familiar with the Diamond Approach of A.H. Almaas, which has been my psycho-spiritual path for the past six years. A lot of what you're teaching is familiar to me from that work, which includes total acceptance of the truth of the moment, nonrejection of any state, defending against the superego, learning to tolerate negative emotions and deficient emptiness, no agendas, being with the unfolding in a directly felt way, what they call "diving and witnessing," etc. They also use Reichian breathwork to open feelings, tho not as intense as the rebirthing-style breathing you advocate (which I have had resistance to in the past). Having been a professional artist for thirty years, I'm also interested in using some form of art therapy with clients, so I'm very curious to see your next book and in knowing about that side of your life and work. Yours,

I have just finished reading your remarkable book Emotional Clearning and found it not only to be an amazingly insightful book to read but easy to read as well. It is the type of book than can and needs to be read over and over again as each time something more profound shoots up from the pages!! I am a practising therapist in the Toronto area and would love to attend one of your workshops, I am also interested in your certification. I thank you.

Firstly thank you greatly for your book, it has helped immensely in my process and path, and I've recommended it to many people. What I would like to know is:- I live in the U.k. Is there any chance of you doing a workshop here? And if not when is the next one in New York? (as I think that is nearest). I'm interested in a workshop first! Possible training later.
Best wishes and peace.

I live in Vancouver BC. Emotional Clearing is an invaluable adjunct as I continue with counselling and yoga. It is one of the few books which I frequently reread. Thanks for the book. As someone who sonambulated through decades of transcendental meditation, it was good to be finally reminded that everything worth being and having requires work.
Graeme, North Vancouver, British Columbia

I'm probably only 2/3rds through your book but it has really been what I need to hear. A friend recommeded it (after a Vipassana retreat) and it truly fills some of the spaces (for my mind, so far) that V. practice doesn't. I can only get through bits of the book at a time because it seems so pure and carefully written...I feel like almost every paragraph resonates deeply. I'm just getting to the exercises, but having a lot of the groundwork explained so clearly has helped me get much better oriented for some clearing work. Thank you; you've written a superb book that I will re-read many times. Of course I am curious to know if there are any counsellors/practitioners in my area that understand/follow your techniques. Finding folks like this is not easy... And if there might be a workshop here in the SW, I'd be keen to attend Thanks,
Mike, Albuquerque,NM

I am in the middle of working through your book Emotional Clearing and have found it profoundly helpful. It is in fact the first ‘self-help’ book (out of very many) that has helped me make a tangible difference to my life. With many thanks,

I have been on a spiritual journey as yourself and many others have, since I can remember. In that process, of course, I have read many a book. I have been moved and truly touched by a few, but not to the extent as I was with one book ---- 'The Prophet' by Kahlil Gibran - TIL NOW! Although the tears I cried at reading some of your words were not the same tears of convict ion and joy and understanding that I felt with "the Prophet' they filled up the same resovior of my spirit and gave affirmation to the truths that I hold dear. Your book has touched me. You are right on the mark and you know how to explain it in the order it needs to be explained, and in the gentle and loving way in which you explain it. Thank you John............... you've pulled me up a few rungs on the ladder of personal growth and given me a new sense of the wonder of 'Being'!!!
Much love and good will to you always,
Diane, from Oswego, Illinois

writing to you from Brussels, Belgium I wanted to say thanks for writing such a wonderful book which has had a profound impact on my life, and at a very critical time. I would be interested to learn about workshops you may have plans for in Europe and/or if you have any contacts with therapists here in Bruxelles with whom I could converse. It would be wonderful to meet you someday. John

I purchased your book last week, it is the most brilliant book I have ever read. Congratulations on a job perfectly done. I live in Brisbane, Australia. Would love to do your workshops and certificate. I have been studying counselling and going to spiritual workshops for a long time now. Your book enables all of this to be put together, and makes so much sense of the whole healing process. I feel incredible fabulous and very excited since I have been reading you book. It makes trying to deal with your issues so much less confusing. Purely because so many people feel they have to do it in their head and analyze what is causing the pain. But by being able to allow yourself to feel the emotion and understand that every time you then go mad at yourself for doing it you are just suppressing it again, really aids you in moving forward. I have had a wonderful experience in using the information from your book. I have a friend who is going through a really rough time. All of her emotions are finally catching up with her, she has always shut down her feeling centre. I was able to explain to her about how she re-suppresses what she thinks she has just cleared by negating the experience. That night was the first time she was able to just allow her feelings to come up without re-suppressing them. By the end of the night she was feeling so good. She understands it will take time, but is now aware that she was just sabortaging herself all the time and that is why the pain just would not go away. It was hard for her, but admitted that it felt better than ever before. I do rattle on a bit, but I am just very excited!!! You have given something very important to the world and I believe that it will have a big impact on people. Thank you for your book and for being alive at this time.
Lots of love and light and happiness to you


"Emotional Cleaning " is great! I'm Polish, living in Holland and I have the Polish edition..... THANKS Jonn!

Please, remember the first speaking spanish. I read again and again your book that I find very deep. Many thanks.

I have recently finished reading your book, and I was very impressed with its power and clarity. I am a doctor living in Australia, however I do travel to the USA from time to time for conferences (my main area of work is HIV management although I do live in a rural area so I do have a broader practice.) Although I am a medical practitioner I spend a lot of time exploring the spiritual and psychological consequences and antecedents of illness with my clients. As a skill that could be incorporated into my own practice (spiritual and professional) I would be interested in attending either the workshops or the certification courses if they could be spread over some time. My spiritual background is Kriya yoga a la SRF so I did feel intuitively drawn to your descriptions of breathwork and yoga. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Many Regards, Paul

Just a small note to thank you for writing Emotional Clearing. It is a superlative text and is greatly appreciated by myself and two friends of mine who work with Reiki. I use astrology with my clients in a therapeutic framework and your book comes top on my list when I recommend reading material after a consultation. It's concepts are well-rounded and give a sense of peace and hope to the people who I know have read the book. Could you also send some details regarding your telephone consultations as one of my friends (the healer) would be very interested to try out your method.
Many thanks for your time,

I am writing to let you know how valuable I found your book Emotional Clearing to be. I would be grateful if you would forward details of your courses in New York and also a list of your tapes available.
Yours sincerely,
Julie, Auckland, Austrailia

I live in Bethesda Maryland and I have read your book Emotional Clearing at least three times. I think it is excellent and I can say without hesitation that I have benefitted immensely from it. (Especially the chapter on the dualistic nature of hapiness/unhapiness, transcending negative feeling by integration and self love/acceptance.)
Thanks for writing this excellent book. Rotimi

Your book was truly outstanding. I took 10 months and went into seclusion to work with the content of your book. I found the process of integrating emotional material and meditation to be a powerful combination of tools. I wish to have the opportunity to speak with you about the process that took place for me during my healing and intergrating aspects of your book. I will say that although I found the book to be my bible in terms of clearing emotional content and reconnecting with the authentic self, I question whether or I should have done my work to such depth alone. For example, while doing deep meditaion combined with cleansing breath and some Yoga, I believe I awoken blocked energy points in my body that could be classified as a Kundalini experience?. There is more that I would like to express to you about the methodology of your work. I believe it has great spiritual and emotional value and I am committed to learning more about these a later time, I wish to write and extend additional thoughts and information on you book. I am interested in both phone counselling with you and professional certification. I am sending this request from: Calgary, Alberta Canada. May The Spirits Be With You Always.....................Doris

I cannot tell you how much your book has meant to me! I have "sold" quite a few books for you in the Arlington/Fort Worth/Dallas area, and my brother is ordering it from as we speak. He is in Austin. I hope a friend of mine, a (Ph.D.) psychotherapist, will become one of your students. He got the LAST COPY of your book in this area--I am not kidding. Now, I must tell you how much your book has meant to me. It is hard to put into words, but reading it answered the final, age-old question for me: WHY? Why did I have to face the things I did? Why do these things happen, etc. One day, in 1975, I began to study metaphysics and my world changed. But I couldn't really answer the why.

I have just finished reading your book Emotional Clearing. I have read it off and on over the past year and have been extremely inspired by your book. It is definitely the best new age book I’ve read and I’ve read quite a lot. The concept of Acceptance has been so essential for me because for 21 yrs I’ve suffered terribly with Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks - I’ve always fought it and suppressed it with Alcohol and became as a result Alcohol dependent - I’ve been sober for 10 months out of the past 12 months this February. I’m interested in obtaining your tapes and so could you let me know how to order them as I live in London England. I do follow a spiritual path (raja yoga) and will use your methods with my meditations I use already. Once again - many thanks for writing this brilliant book. Love and peace and joy to you

I just want to thank you very much for writing a book that already has impacted my Life. This book has really taught me about awareness to my feelings. Your techniques on Integrative Processing is a very valuble tool. I already begun my journey in discovering my feelings. I realize that to accept myself and to have self love, I have to integrate all my feelings - both negative or positive. My Yoga classes have really helped me bring out suppressed energies that I never knew I had. I also begun implementing meditation to my everyday lifestyle. It is such a beautiful tool. I wish many people knew about it to appreciate its effectiveness. Thank you very much. I hope to meet you someday at one of your workshops. You have really brought forth meaning to my life.

I have been deeply affected by your book, and appreciate its clarity and thoroughness. I am a counsellor myself, and wonder if there any Integrative Processing courses/centres yet in the UK. I have used some of the techniques/exercises for myself and one or two clients. I also 'presented' the book to the counselling group to which I belong, where it attracted alot of interest.
Best wishes

Your book is profound - thank you so much. I have come to many of the same conclusions working with emotional release with energy work, but your theories have shed much needed light for me both personally and professionally. I'm very grateful for the obvious depth of your understanding and definitely want to attend workshops for my own personal growth and am very interested in becoming certified. Please keep me advised of any scheduled dates - I reside in Seattle.
Kindest regards - Tess

I have been greatly moved by your self-therapy book entitled “Emotional Clearing” - Will you please send any other information on your work. Thank you and take care-
Vanessa, Brooklyn NY

I’ve read your book twice and taken notes. It has helped me immensely, in fact it has impact every aspect of my life. I’ve been able to face some of my greatest fears and in the process live through a lot of pain. I’ve come out a lot more in touch with myself and not fearing as much as I used to. Now I can actually feel the blocks in my chakras. I’ve been seeing a sort of a therapist - she does breath work - and it’s helped me activate and release energy. I feel there is a lot she does not know and I would like to consult with you.

I recently read your book, Emotional Clearing, and am very interested in pursing emotional clearing for myself. Needless to say, your book had a very significant impact on me. I have been working with a Jungian analyst for a couple of years, and my most powerful dream pointed me squarely in this direction. I was, of course, looking for a way to address the core issue identified by the dream, when your book appeared on the shelf at a local bookstore (just as I finished Anatomy of Spirit, by Caroline Myss). I would be greatful to learn of any resources, including yourself, other therapists, your tapes, etc., that may be available to me. I live in San Diego.
Sincerely, Dan

Have read your book - I think that it is a tremendous contribution to psychology - you have single handedly clarified and unified all the eastern philosophies by removing all the mumbo jumbo and ceremonial gap fillers that exist in the eastern religion - you have delivered the psychological essence of their teachings. One question - Which type of yoga do you recommend ? I would appreciate one that fits in with your teachings and does not assist suppression or re-suppression. Thank you for your work

A friend recommended Emotional Clearing to me -- he said it had crystalized a lot of the thoughts he had been reading from several disparate sources. I was not disappointed. While I'm now just beginning the final section and beginning the practice, I've found that your philosophy and technique are truly transformational. They have struck a chord deep within me -- it all feels familiar and new at the same time. I feel awakened to a new part of me that I somehow knew was there Thanks for the book -- it's made a difference!
Public Relations Manager US WEST


I read your book and found it one of the clearest and most helpful of its type. I am finishing up a Ph.D. at the California Institute of Integral studies, and would like to take your EC certification. My home is Seattle, but I'm in San Francisco routinely. I look forward to hearing your schedule. Metta,

I’m rarely ‘evangelical’ about anything but after having read Emotional Clearing life will never be the same for me again - truly inspirational and for me the book works on a completely different level from the host of ‘quick fix’ affirmation type books available under the heading of ‘self development’. I really need to talk to someone who has direct experience of your work and who lives in England. Also I wish to buy your two tapes. I may not be able to hear them well as I am deaf from birth, but I know someone who can! If deaf people could ever gain access to your techniques it would free many from the inadequacies and damage that deafness can cause. Many thanks for so much.

Your wonderful book has given me the answers to what I have been looking for, for so many years. For me , it has been the compilation of my studies. Congratulations, it is an extraordinary work. I am a translator, but for about ten years I have been interested in psicology, personal healing, and spiritual growth, reading a lot. Since I don't have a degree as a psicologist, is it possible for me to attend one of your courses? I would love to become a therapist and be able to give many people the chance to learn how to let cosmic energy flow through their bodies, healing them, as it is doing to me. I feel it is the right thing to do with my life. Eventhough I live in Chile, I have the chance to get discounted airplane tickets to attend to the classes. I want to thank you very much for this wonderful book, and I truly hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely yours, Lorena

I’ve now read your book on Emotional Clearing twice. This second reading was even more profound than the first (just a few months apart). Do you have available places for me to attend a workshop? I would like to get certification of this work to incorporate it into my existing holistic work. Many thanks
Diane, NSW Australia

I have read the book and found it beyond useful--one of the first works I have found to truly resonate with my own Native spirituality, combined with a need to be able to function in the real world--bravo. I am currently planning on studying Reiki and would be interested in taking a workshop as a possible precursor to certification in Integrative Processing therapy. I find it very powerful from current personal experience, and far more humanistic in it's outlook than many other forms of emotional processing. Your work has supported me in finding genuine peace, and in resolving a Lifelong weight issue.. Thank you.
Jackie, ps...I Live in Brooklyn. NY.

Best regards to you I have read your book: Emotional Clearing and I have found it extremely helpful. I connect with everything you say on such a deep level, although I find it hard at times to put into practice. Learning to love myself is, I know, the way forward that will enable me to experience the unity of humanity. I have tried psychotherapy and my experience is that it is not a gentle therapy. I believe that to gain benefit from any therapy there has to be a non-judgmental unconditioned love from the therapist which in my experience has been lacking. I don’t have a mentor or guru, and perhaps I need to look to my higher self. However, to do the work that is needed I feel I would benefit greatly from a group. I wonder if you could put me in touch with an organization or people in London that could offer support to me on my journey. Thank you for the wisdom of your book. Yours sincerely,

John, I go back to your book again and again. I am very skeptical of most "healing professionals", but find you consistently accurate and insightful. I am very interested in partaking in therapy (as a client), but would prefer to see someone in person. I live in Portland,OR. Will you be coming here, or do you know anyone here who is an EC therapist...or just a good one!

I am delighted to have an opportunity to contact you and thank you for your exceptional book 'Emotional Clearing'. I am a teacher of Adult Education in London in the field of personal development. I teach such classes as The Inner Child, How to manage Fear, and A Path With Heart (based on Jack Kornfield's book). I first bought your book for my own development work in 1995 and found it ground-breaking and enormously helpful and have been recommending it to my students ever since. Recently one of them came to me and told me how very helpful he also finds your book and told me about your web-site.With gratitude and warm wishes,
Barbara, London, UK

I have just finished your book, "Emotional Clearing". I have spent twelve years working on myself, ten of those years on the spiritual path. I studied Shamanism, Budhism and Kabbalah. I meditate most days and have wonderful fruitful experiences. However, during all this time, I have spent many hours attempting to find the root cause of my terrors, pain, and low self-esteem. Though, I would occasionally have a breakthrough, I was never really sure how it had occurred. I only know that at some point after battling inside myself, I would at last surrender and almost immediately a clearing would take place. Your book is amazing. How much easier my work would have been had I realized I needed to accept what I felt instead of hiding from it. At last, I feel that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I work with a group of other women, and I have highly recommended your book. I am especially interested in obtaining information about the location of your workshops. I live in Estero, FL which is just between Naples and Ft. F, Myers on the Southwest coast. Thank you for the great gift of your writing.

My deepest heartfelt thanks to you for taking the time to write Emotional Clearing. During my recent major depressive cycle, my therapist recommended your book to me. I can not express the comfort I have received from reading this book. Your words hit the target of my sadness and disappointments. Not understanding what was truly missing in my life...not knowing what happiness could even "be" in my life.... Your book is the beginning of my self-acceptance and unconditional love. I've ordered your Desert Dawn and the Guided Meditation. I'm anxiously awaiting receipt of them Again, many thanks for your time and energy, as your book has touched my life, and I am sure it has touched many others with self-healing. Let me know if there will be any workshops in the Dallas area? Kindest and fondest regards,
Ms. Kim

Aloha! I purchased a copy of your book at an enlightened relationship class taught by Larry Byram here in Marin County. Recently I spent a month in Hawaii and took the opportunity to read every word of Emotional Clearing. I want to let you know how wonderful I think your book is and what a strong warm feeling I feel about it. The overall idea of acceptance of all feelings combined with the details you go into concerning how that acceptance might be experienced and what it looks like gave me a new understanding that continues to unfold. I'd like to know if you are giving any workshops or talks in the San Francisco Bay Area in the near future. Also, I'm a member of a group that meets every Saturday morning in Mill Valley called Community ITP (ITP stands for Integral Transformative Practice) - I've given your name to the chairperson with the suggestion that she ask you to be one of our speakers some time in the next 6 months. Blessings and aloha to you!

I have just finished reading “Emotional Clearing.” Over 30 years I have read many such books and yours has been amongst the best because of its substance and because of all the pages devoted to feelings and suppression of them. Thanking you.Yours Sincerely
Michael, Australia

I am writing to tell you how much I have got from your book Emotional Clearing. I think it is one of the best self-help books I have read, and I am experiencing subtle changes in my perception of the world as a result of self-work. It has been such a relief to own those parts of myself I had previously been rejecting, and I am feeling more whole than I ever have. In particular, a relationship with someone at work has dramatically changed. A few months ago I found myself getting very frustrated and angry with this person due to certain things they did and said. I was experiencing hatred and resentment, and it got to the stage where I was dreading going to work and even started thinking of leaving my job to avoid the situation. I was constantly blaming this person for what I was going through. I started using the techniques of acceptance, breathwork and meditation outlined in your book and one day during meditation I experienced catharsis. I suddenly started taking deep breaths, by body was trembling and shaking and I burst into tears. I didn’t notice the change immediately , but now a couple of months on from then the “problem” no longer exists. My reaction to this person has completely changed and in fact I am getting quite friendly with them. They didn’t change but I did. I shall continue to work on myself with your techniques on some other areas of my life I am having difficulties with. I would be interested to hear if you are working on any other books and if you plan to visit England. Once again, thank you for your book.

Hi, I wanted to give you feedback about the book. I am 37 and formerly a drug and alcohol abuser. I sobered up in AA in 1987 and immediately was thrust into a job on an acute care mental health ward, where I still work today. I have also been in psychotherapy up until about 2 years ago. In my spiritual pursuits I have been a student of Joel Goldsmith from 1987 to the present, have studied Zen and attend services and meditations at the temple in Ann Arbor Mich, and have explored various "new age" authors from Jane ROberts to Cindy Dale. I also took a hypnotherapy training and certification course that lasted 2 years and was quite intense. Your book Emotional Clearing has consolidated everything. I was amazed. Everything I learned over the years is streamlined into one process and just in the last 6 months I have really progressed into new lessons. Situations that were hanging on for years even after all this other learning before EC are resolved. Nice work, and thanx.
Doug in Lansing, Mich

I cannot emphasize the impact your book has had, is having, and no doubt, will continue to have on me and the path I am treading. Currently I am using the book as material for a mens group which is proving a really enjoyable approach to dicussing difficult subjects. I'm no expert but I am thinking I would like to be, not to be an expert you understand, but because this material has so much depth and breadth, most of which I am starting to appreciate over time. I just feel I should go down this path, it all feels right just now for me, it's difficult to articulate. Many thanks John and perhaps we will talk soon and maybe even meet one day?
Brendan, England, UK

Thanks for an inspiring, yet extremely practical book. I've been studying Rebirthing Breathwork for quite some time and has been a yoga student for a few years now. Your book brought everything in terms of processing and integrating emotions in perspective. Blessings
Kobus, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have just completed reading your book"Emotional Clearing". I have been going through a roller-coaster ride for what seems my whole life. I have tried counselling, acupuncture/pressure, E.M.D.R.,pulsing, yoga, hypnotism etc etc, and am even doing a course on chakra cleansing. Nothing seemed to work until I read your book and I now realise I have been blessed in being familiar with these therapies to use with the framework you have desribed in your book. Your book pulled it all together for me. I had an extremely abusive life up until now and I am now activating the witness. I enjoy everyday. Statistics for me are 38 yr old female, divorced Mother of two beautiful children, estranged from family. I work in the counselling profession. I would really Like to purchase your guided tapes and will do so, but am wondering if a tour of Australia is planned for the future. Australia is currently applying a holistic attitude to most things, including the medical profession. My Allergist on my first visit, said "Your throat chakra is blocked" I am sure many people could be enlightened by either your talks or training modules. Yours in healing,

I’ve just read your miraculous book “Emotional Clearing”, and am doing the exercises twice a day, and find it exceptionally helpful. I am a very spiritual person, have spent years in Japan and India practicing Buddhism and Hinduism, and have studied the TAO. I discovered your book in London.
Yours sincerely, from heart to heart
Biddy, Xanadu France

I have a healing practice here in South Africa. About 2 months ago I had a vision in a dream that my practice (85% of which deals with emotional issues) is to be based on the writings of ?????(I couldn't make it out), and I was shown a detailed picture of the cover of a book. I had never seen this book nor had any idea what it was about, but the picture was VERY clear. The following day I went to the local bookshops and found the one and only copy of your book "Emotional Clearing" which matched EXACTLY the picture given to me in the vision. Since then I have used the ideas and certain of the techniques with great effect, and have imparted certain of the knowledge to my clients who have now requested a "workshop" on the book. Your teaching is the FIRST to detail what the lessons are we are to look for, and what we are supposed to be doing (learning ?) from them. In the past, the New Age thinking has told us to look for the lesson, but has failed to explain how to integrate it into our daily lives, and also failed to explain how we are constantly presented with the opportunity to work on ourselves by the great school of life. As the majority of people I consult with have emotional matters to deal with, I would like to know if there is any way to do a course with yourself by correspondence and become an accredited "exponent" of your teaching ? I am moving to the U.K. next year thus will be a little closer to the action (so to speak) than I am now, but I feel there is much work to be done before I leave South Africa (which is in an INCREDIBLE mess), thus my request. At any rate, whether here or in the UK, I would SINCERELY like to pursue a certificate of some description with yourself. I have ordered the cassette and anticipate it soon. I am hoping this will bridge a few technical gaps and enable me to continue work on myself, as well as give me an idea as to what I could be doing with my clients. My life's work is to heal (at an emotional level), thus I earnestly request ANY assistance you may be able to afford me. I am VERY excited by your teachings..
Regards and much peace, Bryn

Thank you for putting to words the process of healing. I have led a tortured life of addiction, obsession and complete self rejection of myself. Just over a year ago I almost checked out of this life. I had no idea the beauty that was all around me. I just couldn't see it. No one ever took the time to explain it to me. I feel blessed to have found your book and mediatation as well as your double CD. My life has been forever changed. My process of healing has really just begun and thru your work I feel blessed to be on a path of complete self-love. Please let me know who to contact in the Los Angeles area to further deepen my growth with emotional clearing. I'm being called to work with souls still living in darkness. I would be very grateful for any information you can provide me to start building my "true life" calling to help heal humanity and raise the vibration of the planet. You have been instrumental in lighting that spark and my soul is eternally grateful.
Love & Blessings Marc

Your book has come to me in the midst of a personal crisis, like a liferaft to a survivor of the sinking of the Titanic! I am rowing as fast as I can and amazed at the feelings and insights that I am experiencing. This is truly an exercise in humility, since--as a clinical psychologist--I usually know how to help someone else, but find myself helpless in the face of my own adversity. Enough said. I am interested to know more about 3-day workshops that may be available here in the East (I'm in the West Virginia/Ohio/ Pennsylvania region). In time, I may be interested in the 6-day intensives and the EC certification proceess. Thank you for the personal grit that made it possible for you to write this book!

Emotional Clearing "picked me" as I walked through a metaphysical book store not long ago. I find the content so rich that I only read a few pages at a time before taking a break to let my subconscious digest it all. Your writing style is solid, too: sometime elegant, occasionally funny, always concise. Thank you for developing the EC method and documenting it so completely in the book. You may be a little ahead of your time!
Gordon, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Just wanted to give you a little feedback regarding your book. Most self-help books that I have read focus on one type of methodology in terms of healing and self-actualization. Your book, however, seems to be the umbrella, in terms of the issues that it addresses. Not only do you talk about specific personal issues, but you also approach the reader with a more global premise. You address the elements in Western society that play a large role in hindering us to find true inner-peace and a feeling of being complete. We have so many distractions in this society that keep us from being present with our souls and our feelings; it becomes easy to stray from them and numb ourselves by either self-medicating or by engulfing ourselves in our work. Although we, as a generation, have become much more aware of ourselves due to the overwhelming amount of information now offered on self-therapy and self-awareness, it is very easy to intellectualize the issues we may have with ourselves, rather than actually feel and experience them. This task requires much more honesty, much more depth and much more risk. I am only 24 years old, but moved out when I was 15. I put myself through college and now hold a challenging professional position. It is only now, though, because at this time I am not aspiring to anything greater or looking to further my education, that I must deal with the present and can no longer avoid what's inside me by "doing" instead of "feeling". I aplogize for going into such detail, however, after reading only 40 pages or so of your book, already I feel validated and a little more at peace with what I am going through. Thank you for sharing your insight. Sincerely,

I live on a country property 100 miles from Brisbane, Australia. I've just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. It certainly answered questions for me: body wisdom accounts for spontaneous and informal yoga positions being adopted while meditating, the means of integrating emotions through witnessing that would otherwise persevere, the overall philosophy of carrying the subconscious through our Iifetimes. I now feel much better equipped to work on myself, and am most grateful to receive the knowledge. I am keen to experience your Desert Dawn compositions but I am unable to locate the CD's in Brisbane bookstalls and music stores, either by phone or the net. Could you please advise me of my best way of purchasing the double CD set. Yours with thanks

i was diagnost emotional unstable --and by the grace of God was honerably dischared from the coast guard --a terrible discrace to me later (im less than a man} but} i see now this discrace was a medal spiritualy for me as i was definately a very alcoholic person and thus yes deeply emotionally unstable indeed.dysfunc/family etc etc the whole nie yards --as you say John and God bless you for sharing i tried to hide the shame feelings and even lied a bout my service time to avoid confrontation -this is the Ist time i have admitted it --thanks to you im crying a lil --scuse -- im not gay or anything for me that would not be good lolo but ive been blessed and awakened in (a>a> ) for many years but never dealt with a lot of thiose aspects --you have helped me find the courage to release these lil monsters love n h you
--your friend Dave

John, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your book. It is a beautiful gift to the world, one which is fashioned out of your own experience, blood, sweat, angst and emptiness. I resonate with the message, perhaps because of my exposure to Buddhism but, I think, mostly my reference point to pain and my desire to come into contact with my higher self. It is truly my only goal in this life, though I watch myself get side-tracked all the time with my attachment to this world. Perhaps you can help me acheive this goal. Thank you for your love.

I am not sure Western culture has ever known what to do with the most sensitive among us. This book is destined to be a catalyst for discovering effective and compassionate ways to embrace the artists, mystics, philosophers, poets and free spirits among us. Though Ruskan's techniques are universally applicable I believe they reach the level of the profound in his sensitivity to the inner process of the spiritual seeker and/or artist. He offers hope, compassion and inspired guidance, particularly for the brave who search for God only to enter a dark night of the soul, as well as for sensitive artists struggling for equilibrium in the dark and light landscape of their unconscious. Ruskan directs us to a new inner-territory where dark feelings are actually honored in a way that is healthy to the human organism, thus allowing more and more light to come through as a natural attribute of the human soul. This becomes a metaphor for the entire healing process of the planet. Truly it begins with the individual. How do we honor and accept? How do we stop acting out on our negative impulses? How do we heal authentically?
Linda from Nashville, TN

I really enjoy your most challenging book, Emotional Clearing. I am a mental health therapist, an English teacher, and an author (Transforming Scrooge: Dickens' Blueprint for Spiritual Awakening, Llewellyn). I am trying very hard to accept and integrate your concept that we are responsible for everything that happens to us into my own life. A believer in quantum/ holographic physics, I understand that the world that we outpicture is of our own construction. Your explanation of karma is the best I have ever read. It is painful for me, but true. You have challenged a part of my operating system. I am at the point in my evolution that, while I intellectually do not yet believe in past lives, I see that it is a useful tool to help us clear. I am very interested in this belief system. In fact, because of your book, I have recently gotten in touch with a pranic healer to begin the type of healing you describe. Thanks for your time.
Joe , Ph.D.

I have read and reread your book with interest and have been (at various times) incorporating your processing techniques into my self-work, consisting mainly of meditation and mindfulness. Your book is the only 'self-help' book I have ever read that makes sense in all aspects of the connection to mind-body-energy, and I find myself reading over and over again, especially when doubt creeps in. Regards

So nice to see you on the www. I read Emotional Clearing when it first came out. I must say, it was a breath of fresh air to finally find a workbook on actually processing feelings instead of just talking about it. I have a background in primal therapy and in funeral service; now I run a bookstore and facilitate deep, emotional release work with clients, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. That's why I sell your book in my store. John, may I have permission to photocopy the piece from your website entitled, "The Philosophy of Self-Therapy" for my clients? You have described projection in such eloquent terms that no one can fail to understand the issue, and you have tied in the transpersonal aspect which is so important for core transformation. I think that all of my clients, especially the "beginners", could benefit from this piece. Please let me know.
Thank you.

Hallo, John, it is once more me. As I am preparing my walk on the way of
St.Jakob to Santiago de Compostella I have no time to care about any
training with you. I just want to tell you, that some of my friends an me we
are workung with your book , and we all are very impressed by your work. I
do bodywork (Craniosacral therapy), and since I read your book, I feel that
my therapies have changed, and myself I have a lot of personal benefit with
it. The conscienceness of witness is something, I never found in a german
psychological book, but it seems very "logical" to me. I myself found, some
years ago, the image of the cercle. If you succeed to go with your awareness
right in the center of it ( it means in the center of your own
personality )und to leave your emotions outside in the periphery, you are no
longer forced to identify yourself with the emotions. It seems to me that
this image is very near to your witness. I wonder, if the counscienceness of
the witness ist only to attain on a rather high spiritual level. In my
experience it needs a lot of emotional clearing and a lot of spiritual work
until you are able to "switch" on the modus of the counscienceness witness.
Well, we shall see, how my friends and others will get on with this very
important part of your work. I was glad to read in your book that the only
way to change something in our world ist the work of emotional clearing! The
modern hero is for me the person who does it, really and consequently. -
Hope, my English ist clear enough. For today, yours sincerely,

First of all I would like to thank You for your wonderful book, because it is a precious gift to the rest of us (humanity). I practise processing on the regular basis for 4 months allready and I've noticed much improvement in my life. I think that I'm particularly blocked on the feeling level, looking at my birth chart I've noticed that my moon is in the Capricorn and in square with Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron, now I don't know the exact meaning of all these but it seams to me like lots of blocking. My Saturn is in Cancer and I remember reading somewhere that this means "afraid of the sense world" and is in the 12th house. You probably recive lots of letters from your readers and I know that to answer them all would be a full time job , so no hard feelings if you dont answer, but if you find some time my question is: Can you please recomand me a good astrology book that looks at the subject from spiritual point of vew because here in Croatia I could not find an astrologer or a book of that kind.They are all into more traditional aproach.In my meditatios I use rosa quartz cristal and Mayan glyph names for mantra. Thank You once more for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. I wish You all the best in your life.
Love,light an life
In L'akech ( Mayan word meaning "I am another yourself")

Your book, Emotional Clearing, has made a tremendous impact in my life. I have read and re-read it many times, and constantly discover new insights and healing. Your work has helped me get through some very difficult times in my life. Thank you.
Best Regards,
Deborah, Co-Founder Wired With Wisdom

I am e-mailing you from a town called Dundalk in Ireland. I first heard about your book when I went into the Internet to look for help when I felt that I was about to crack up. I got your book last November and started reading. It is very heavy reading but I really enjoyed it. I started doing the Integration at the start of December but not on a serious basis. With your advise I started Yoga last week to help enhance the exercises shown in your book. For the last week I have really concentrated on working on myself Example : 20 minutes Yoga, 10 minutes Integration from your Book, 20 minutes Meditation, 5 minutes working on the particular area that I have my problem with (Heart). For a person who is very fiery and with a very short fuse, I find myself much calmer. I find it difficult to concentrate but I know this will come in time. I know that I am not near to activating the Witness but I am willing to work on and see how things go. Marie

First of all I have to say Thank you...your book appeared to me in a moment of my life where I was asking very strongly for divine guidance....although I have done a lot of personal work, 5 years of psychoanalysis, and several years of therapy, I always felt something was missing...I'm a Social Worker from Colombia South America, I married for the second time 1 1/2 years ago with a Canadian, I enrolled here in a full time one year program on transformational and transpersonal psychotherapy with studies on body and chakra psychotherapy, this has been a beautiful experience and has given me the strength to confront the difficulties I've been experiencing in my relatinship, I've been in therapy all this time but only until reading your book I was able to completely understand the dynamics of how I have been projecting my feelings on others, I've done Yoga for many years but never I've used it in such a profound way..since I have done so much work on myself it has been really easy to get in touch with my repressed feelings and to understand that my "unhappiness" in my marriage was just a projection of feelings that although I had already identified them, they were still there funtioning to create the "fantasy" of the world around me...I was able to recognize the self-rejecting mechanism that were in action, I have stopped blaming my husband for my feelings and taking responsibility for them, just feeling it and getting in touch with my anger, my sadness, my feelings of is unbilievable!!! years of work, and still I was I understand that I chose exactly the person that I needed to finally confront my feelings and once and for all start living my life from within...I'm just beginning on this work, but I'm committed to continue and I want to Thank you for giving me the light.... I'm currently starting my individual practice as a psychotherapy, and I would like very much to enroll in your training program, I know it would be difficult since I live in Toronto, but with time and effort I could organize to go to New York to take the courses.
Thank you very much,

With a substantial portion of a novel written--about a woman who finds herself in a behavioral health treatment program (enough biographical to know my topic!) I came across your Emotional Clearing. Over my fifty-five years I have exposed myself to a substantial dose of therapy and self help material. I have experience with-step programs, support groups and relationship counseling. But I must say, your program certainly strikes a chord in me that rings abundantly true. I am writing to you to ask the protocol for getting your permission (and possibly help) to incorporate your approach in my writing. In other words, I want the program that my characters are participating in to learn the theories behind your Integrative Processing, Self Acceptance and Dualities. You see, my main hurdle at this point in my writing process is my ambivalence about the validity and effectiveness of therapies currently in vogue.
Thank you for considering this request. This is exciting stuff! Sincerely,

Hi John, i started reading your book on emotional clearing several months ago, for the past 6 years i have been suffering with a low self esteem, so i went to see a psycho therapist as i didn't understand how to deal with my emotions. Thanks to the help of the therapist in conjunction with your book i am starting to come to terms with my feelings and learning how to deal with the outside world. THANKYOU. Yours Gratefully,

I love John Ruskan's writing style. He makes his information easy to absorb. He could have made it really complicated. l'm going to try to find more time this weekend to read - it's a wonderful, helpful book! Thank you darling for pointing me that way.

Is your book Emotional Clearing translated in French? Anyway I really appreciated the english version but my brother wants also to read it. Thank you.

I've just now gotten into this... I lost my twin last week after his valiant fight with cancer... he was a very spiritual person... I very skeptical... emotional clearing just the key for me although I've just now begun to read... thanks... thanks so much... I've thrown away the prozac... I need to be clear about all of this and deal with it... the peaceful feeling I got the moment my twin passed on was not to be believed... and now I found my way here... to deal with the residue of 12 years of pent-up, displaced anger... and guilt... I've been suicidal... he died... I'm not too proud of that... thanks so much... I hope to feel a connection with my departed twin to make me feel whole again... hold a good thought for me... thanks again...

John, I happened upon your website through a search engine. I've been looking all morning for help. I am in a relationship right now with a wonderful person who I love very deeply, but am so close to losing because I have the hardest time expressing myself. The problem is, I'm really not that sure what I have to express, and it scares me. With what I've read on your site, I've been given hope...whether or not this relationship I'm in right now works (which I do really want to), I’ll owe Bobby forever for making me stop and finally take a look at my inner self...I've been so scared to. I just wanted to let you know that I'm going on my lunch hour today and buying your book. Thank you for your inspiration, and I am looking so forward to the journey of healing myself.
Thank you so much, Laura

Hi John. I just finished reading "Emotional Clearing", and I feel very excited about working with your techniques. I found out about the book from this web site, which I found while searching the web for resources dealing with anger release. Knowing myself, I believe I would benefit from some guidance at first, to make sure that I am on track and to help me establish a regular program that I will be able to follow. Please let me know about your availability and rates, and I would also like to know a bit about what phone therapy would look like. I look forward to hearing from you.

After a week of extreme discomfort caused by the crashing around of old, unresolved emotional issues inside me... I finally came across your information on EC tonight on the internet at SpiritWeb. Thank God! I am grateful for the good information you've provided. I'd already figured out some of it... intuited it, I suppose... and i'm long past blaming anyone else for my internal dilemmas - I know they're just mine to learn from, regardless of how they get triggered. Actually, I've managed to take it a step further and be grateful to the triggers! But I was still quite stuck with this energy, and desperate to transmute it, until I began reading your articles. And now I'm already feeling relaxed... feeling a loosening up of the knots... a dissipation of the darknesses I've been carrying... and this is due to the information you've provided. I am deeply grateful to you. Thank you again and again. Namaste.

I feel very drawn to this kind of work for myself personally and also professionally. I am an Eclectic Holistic Healing Facilitor. Currently I teach Qigong, practice bodywork and Reiki. Recently it has become clear to me that I have bypassed my emotional nature via my spiritual practices and have been searching for ways to work with my emotions in a healthy and balanced way. From what I've read of your work, this is the answer to my prayers. I am looking forward to more deeply exploring and surrendering to the process. Thank you in advance!

I have just completed reading your book "Emotional Clearing", which I found to be wonderfully informative and so appropriate for me and where I am on my journey right now. I felt as though you were speaking directly to me and could see so many of my troubles in your words. I feel as though I have been on a long journey always searching, searching for the key that will unlock my potential and allow me to blossom into the person I know God has meant for me to be. I feel that so much of my life is a constant struggle and I would just like to know what I can do to clear the blocks that I hold in my energy field that keep me stuck, frustrated, angry, negative and never flowing with the Divine Plan. This is the reason for my letter to you today. I would love very much to partake of your three day Emotional Clearing workshop or else come to see you on a private basis. I know you say in your book that the techniques you have outlined are very easy to do on your own. I feel, however, that I would like some: guidance at first. I was wondering if you have any contacts in Sydney, Australia, which is where I live, that undertake this type of therapy. Yours faithfully,

I am extremely interested in your processing techniques outlined in your book Emotional Clearing. When I first read it (it took me about 2/3 days at the first reading), I was fascinated by the feelings it invoked within me -primarily, that this was an effective growth therapy based in spiritual Truth. I am 25 years of age and have completed studying Construction Management after 6 years. I was frustrated, spiritually depressed, always searching yet never finding. In my final year of study I began studying psychology and now I am continuing with it. 'The last 2/3 years` have been a tremendous spiritual upheaval - old belief systems were questioned and discarded, new methods of spiritual practice began to come to me, 'new' people, etc. The eastern methods and beliefs of spiritual practice made sense to me, even though I never was disciplined enough to practice them diligently they slowly seeped into my consciousness. Then at the end of 1997, an Indian avatar (Shri Sathya Sai Baba) made his appearance in my life, at the perfect time! Since then, I am feeling more in touch with my True self, trusting the path beneath my feet and experiencing intense wonder and excitement about where I am and where I will be going. I've realised that I am drawn to the healing profession; I always felt insecure studying Construction Management. Your book and the Integrative Processing you've developed rang a true note in my heart! At the moment I'm reading it a second time, slowly. The majority of the information I've received over the years has to do with the Chakra system and I was elated when I discovered your work. What I wanted to begin, is whether it would be possible to receive training for Integrative Processing. how does the training take place and all other necessarv details.
Marc, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

First I want to say thank you for writing your magnificent book 'Emotional Clearing'. It came into my life, in April this year. I have always believed there had to be an easy common sense method of healing the mind. A human being has natural in-built wisdom to heal its physical body (cuts, bruises etc.) so why not it's psycho/physical self. I knew if I could find it, my life would be far less painful. And since reading your book it has become far less emotionally painful although I will say physical complaints have escalated but I believe this is all part of my healing process and it concerns me little. As you will be aware I am a therapist. I have been practising now since 1991 although I will say I have been a therapist all my life in one way or another. I have been using a Metaphysical approach to therapy for the last four years but I knew something was missing. "Why did affirmations seem to make things worse?" I asked myself-. Now I know, because in affirming something, I was rejecting myself: It was not self-acceptance. I too have learnt from Eastern and Western teachings. I have been to India and am heavily into spirituality I blend the two wisdoms as you do - so your book was a breath of fresh air to me.

I just finished reading and digesting your wonderful book Emotional Clearing,. Thank you for writing it. every page is filled with such precious insights. Your book was on the recommended reading list for the Time Therapy course which I am training in. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom.
With kind regards
Christina, Athens Greece

I have been fascinated and greatly assisted by your book 'Emotional Clearing. In the light of recent events in the Balkans I can see how tragic it is when we all are unable to percieve our own parts in psychodrama and conflicts. I want to suggest a new department to the United Nations, one of 'Emotional Peace-making' rather than political peace-making would consequently be interested to hear any feedback from you or your organisation(if you have one) that you feel could be useful in the research and development of such a project. I should also like to know of any trainings or workshops that are available in the UK or Europe. Many thanks and all good wishes,