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These are some of my favorite radio interviews that I've done over the years, especially the ones on New York City's WBAI with John Harris, in which I was the keynote guest of their annual fund-raising drive. John Harris' enthusiasm for the work comes through strong and is especially moving given his unexpected and tragic death only a year later of a brain aneurysm.

1. wbai with John Harris 1
The need for emotional clearing / Bypassing emotions / The next frontier / East & West / Switching from material to spiritual / Putting your inner life on hold / Futility of the material quest / The dualistic trap / The art of loving yourself

21 min.


2. wbai with John Harris 2
Episodes that have no explanation / The difficulty of owning / Understanding suppression-projection / Experience, don't express / We've lost the capacity to experience / Past lives / What is stress? / How does projection take over our lives / Karma / Transcending

23 min.


3. wbai with John Harris 3
Awareness / Acceptance-the mental behavioral level / An example of abandonment / Blame / Acting-out / The importance of non-reactiveness / Witnessing / Direct Experience

18 min.

4. wbai with John Harris 4
JH talks about the success and global importance of Emotional Clearing / The collective unconscious / Why does our positive side get blocked? / JR's art story / The dualistic art experience / manic-depressiveness / healing depression / Breathwork, AlphaTrance

18 min.

5. the vortex with Beth Mastin 1
The problem with focusing on the positive / How and why does the negative suppressed subconscious attract events? / Expression is not the answer / What is wholeness and integration? / Is Emotional Clearing effective? / Chronic victim mindset / Example of unworthiness and financial issues / Acceptance and wholeness / John's music: Tibetan Lament

25 min.

6. the vortex with Beth Mastin 2
Witnessing: shifting consciousness with the Third Eye / Breaking identification with the lower self ego / Grounding practice / The possibility of overwhelm / Ineffective, suppressive meditation / Working with depression / Emotion & Art / The 3 stages of creating art / Finding the subconscious in the art / The manic-depressive art experience / Bodywork / John's music: Day By Day

23 min.

7. klav with Victoria Wizell
How John came to write this book / Why do people resist emotions? / The problem of suppression / What is depression? / How suppression leads to addiction / Working in the alpha-hypnotic state / Can repressed feelings lead to cancer? / Being ashamed of feelings / How genuine spiritual growth occurs / How and why we attract our experience - the purpose of Karma

29 min.

8. wbai with Prema
We need to work / self-love and healing / unconscious self-rejection / self-acceptance / the build-up of suppressed feelings / denial / opening to feelings / do I need an Emotional Clearing counselor? / the spiritual component of witnessing / health, emotions, and spirituality / the stages of Emotional Clearing work / dropping blame / how we attract failure / the heart


24 min.


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