EMOTIONAL CLEARING: An East/West Guide to Releasing
Negative Feelings and Awakening Unconditional Happiness

This is the book that brings it all together. If you have been searching for a way to integrate your Eastern-based spiritual practice (Yoga, Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, Energy Healing, Meditation, Metaphysics, Theosophy, Ascended Masters, Religious Science, etc.) with an in-depth, psychologically sound approach to feelings work, this is what you have been searching for!

EMOTIONAL CLEARING is the means for you to go DEEP into self-understanding and self-actuated emotional release work that will fit in with your consciousness advancement path.

John Ruskan's Emotional Clearing


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Emotional Clearing has been on the continuous best-seller list of New Leaf Distributing, the world's largest New Age book distributor for over three years! It has been on the best-seller table at East/West Books, New York City's largest New Age bookstore for seven years! It has placed number one for several months on the bestseller list at Watkins Books, London - the UK's largest New Age bookstore.

Emotional Clearing has been published in North America 2001 by Broadway Books/Random House; and translated into Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Croatian, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, German, and is published in the UK/Australia by Rider.

Emotional Clearing is a cutting-edge East/West system, originally conceived as a means to work on yourself. The book contains the full system including a comprehensive philosophical background, the steps of the Emotional Clearing process, detailed instructions in how to safely and effectively engage and release feelings, breathwork, practical suggestions for setting up your personal practice, and case studies.

From John-

I wrote this book because it was what I was searching for but couldn't find anywhere.

What emotion do you struggle with? And what is the feeling behind that emotion?

For example, you may experience the emotion of anxiety, anger, frustration, heartbreak, sadness, creative blocking or depression at certain times, but do you know that there's a specific feeling hidden behind that emotion such as fear, loss of self-determination, sexual frustration, lack of nurturing, lack of significance, inadequacy, loneliness, to name a few?

Until you see the feeling behind the emotion and take steps to release both, you will continue to be plagued by circumstances that the negativity you are holding within attracts to you.

Many people have emailed me, telling me that this is the book they have desperately needed. They sincerely appreciate what is being presented here and are strongly impacted because they have experienced being without guidance as they go deeper into the psychological dynamics of inner consciousness work. They have just enough experience and knowledge to understand and value the subtlety of the Emotional Clearing Process.

This book is written for those people, and even dedicated to "spiritual seekers everywhere."

If you have not been on the path, there is no reason why you cannot begin your journey inward and upward here. If you feel drawn to this work, to the right-brain emphasis on feelings and the logic of the philosophy, you will succeed with it. You will develop inner skills by practicing the process.

Emotional Clearing was first published in 1993, and was the book that launched the current "Emotional" genre, as well as coining the now widely-used phrase Emotional Clearing, preceding the score of other books and energetic techniques that have been influenced by it but have not surpassed its timeless content.


How EMOTIONAL CLEARING will empower you:

Learn a super-effective 5-step non-religious spiritual self-therapy inner process that engages and balances all 5 levels of your cosmic being to release negative emotions and feelings and promote the true serenity of transcendental consciousness.

Learn how irrational fear is the number one feeling behind money worry, all types of anxiety and insecurity and how to release it. Learn how suppressed, unreleased fear can self-perpetuate and actually attract conditions of scarcity and lack.

Learn what it means to suppress a feeling, and how suppressed negative feelings attract negative experiences to you until they are cleared!

Learn about projection - how most of your perceptions and experiences - especially the difficult ones - are a reflection of your suppressed feelings.

Learn about emotional duality, and how trying to apply positive thinking to eliminate negative feelings can result in more of the negative!

Learn how the wisdom of the body can be a major aid in emotional release.

Learn a simple but effective exercise to shield yourself from psychic negativity around you.

Learn how to contact and experience the 3 major healing energies of the universe, within and without: Yin, Yang, and Transcendental, to put your inner healing on the fast track!

Deepen your awareness and vocabulary of your feelings by learning about the emotional aspects of all ten chakras - the energy centers of your body. Learn how to experience these centers as part of your releasing.


Emotional Clearing can be used alone or with:

All Yogas

Pain Body




A Course in Miracles

Energy Psychology


New Age Spirituality








"John Ruskan has accomplished a great work. He has written a book that integrates the wisdom of ancient spiritual practices with our modern psychological understanding, and he has done it skillfully. He has described, in practical detail, the healing process that can lead to mental, emotional, and physical health. Step by step, he has clarified a method of self-work that can truly open the way to well-being, Wisdom, and the recovery of love for oneself and the world."
Robert K. Hall, M.D., Psychiatrist
co-founder, Lomi School of Psychotherapy

Learn why it's critical to own your emotional experience - and exactly what that does and does not mean.

Learn about the 25 ways you can self-reject and suppress your feelings and stop them from clearing.

Learn why blame is the number one way you suppress negative feelings instead of naturally releasing them.

Learn how to easily come into the moment - the place where healing spontaneously occurs.

Learn a simple esoteric technique that activates the witness - the most powerful healing mechanism you can use.

Learn why loving yourself is the one of the most powerful ways to self-heal and how to do it, and why it's not simply trying to generate loving thoughts about yourself.

Learn how to handle relationships so that discord is used to advance personal growth instead of spiraling downward into blame and mistrust.

Learn a radical, holistic way to understand depression, and how meditation, breathwork, and processing of the negative suppressed feelings behind the depression will enable you to break through without medication.

Learn why expression is not the antidote to suppression, and why highly emotionally expressive people do not release feelings through habitual crying or drama.


"John Ruskan's Emotional Clearing is a fresh, original work that makes an important contribution to contemporary consciousness research. His integration of Eastern meditative practice with the Western concern for emotional healing is a union that can yield great benefit to aspirants of both East and West. Ruskan's work offers valuable insights to persons seeking tools for self-therapy as well as to professional therapists."
Martha Crampton, Ph.D., Psychotherapist
Director, New York Open Center's Integrative Therapy Program



Spiritual Self-Therapy

Emotional Clearing focuses on the vital but often misunderstood issue of emotional healing and growth on the path to higher consciousness. It presents a revolutionary synthesis of Eastern and Western psychological principles, resulting in a profound system of non-religious spiritual self-therapy that can touch and transform all levels of your being.

This ground-breaking work fills a void in the current New Age/ alternative-healing/ self-help book field. While a great number of books address alternative healing and pathways to spiritual fulfillment, there are almost no books that show in depth how to work with feelings as we advance on our journey. This area has been left to the Western psychological writers and psychotherapists who, sadly, often are unable to genuinely link the approaches they advocate to the holistic or spiritual path. Such an approach is especially needed as we engage in any work on ourselves, whether psychological, spiritual, or even physical, because one of the first aspects of our journey is that feelings and emotions are released from their suppressed condition. If we don't know how to handle these feelings, we become stuck and growth will not occur.

I hope you have been able to sense that this book is full of original insights into spiritual healing that you won't find elsewhere that go way beyond typical New Age doctrine. For example, let's explore in more detail the idea of loving yourself, which is commonly talked about in New Age circles. Usually, it's assumed that this is a self-evident concept; you just start trying to "love yourself" as you would any other thing or person. But here's what I say about it in Emotional Clearing:

When the expressions "loving yourself" or "self-love" are first heard, there may be confusion about what is meant. This is because we think in terms of the love we are familiar with, dependent love. If we try to love ourselves, we may take an approach similar to that used in dependent love, using ourselves as the object of our love. We may try to escape into ourselves, as we escaped into others. We may become self-absorbed and self-indulgent, putting our own needs first. The motive is still to escape. We reject unhappiness and, in so doing, reject ourselves.

Self-love has nothing to do with using yourself as the object of your love. Self-love means that your love comes from within, is generated from within, not from "loving" any object because it may please you tremendously, whether that object is someone else or yourself. Self-love is a condition of awareness, a way of perceiving, an attitude, which results in an integrated perception of the world.

The art of loving yourself begins with self-acceptance. They are essentially the same. You begin loving yourself when you stop rejecting yourself, especially on the feeling level. When you practice self-acceptance of your feelings as they are now, you will experience real changes in consciousness. You no longer try to juggle people or possessions in the external world in order to find fulfillment. You find fulfillment from within, simply by accepting, without acting out, your feelings as they are right now.

Do not underestimate the importance of self-acceptance. It can end the emotional pain that you feel or lead to the spiritual experience you want. Starting with the mundane, you will reach the highest of inner realization. In welcoming all your feelings, you become whole; life becomes holistic. You experience oneness. You no longer compulsively search for oneness in the external world, whether with another person or with an achievement. You accept and love yourself.

I appreciate what John Ruskan has undertaken in Emotional Clearing and wholeheartedly support him and it. There is no doubt that the tools and insights presented in this book are vital to anyone on a journey of self-actualization.
Richard Moss, M.D., Transformational Psychologist
Author of The I That Is Me and The Mandala of Being


Or, let's look at another commonly recommended quality, FORGIVENESS:

Forgiveness is the realization
that blame is a mistake

Forgiveness is, of course, a very desirable quality, but often we misunderstand what it means. Forgiveness means finally seeing that the other person was not really responsible for what we thought came from them. Sometimes we try to force ourselves to forgive, thinking we are being spiritual or loving, or simply in the attempt to avoid pain. We continue to believe that the other is responsible for what has happened to us, but now we have pardoned them for their behavior.

Such "forgiveness" is intellectual, pseudo, and self-deceptive. It puts us more out of touch with our inner experience. It can even inflate the ego, because we think we are generous enough to forgive. True forgiveness means understanding that the original blame was wrong; it is not the granting of a pardon for what we mistakenly believe someone has done to us.

Blame is particularly relevant in parent/child dynamics, which traditional therapy focuses on heavily. We are encouraged to forgive our parents, often without understanding that we should own our past. This kind of therapy may work in the long run, but the question is, would another, more realistic approach work more effectively? We choose our parents and early environment to serve as a catalyst for our character. The events of childhood merely activate contents latent in the child's subconscious, a viewpoint being discussed and supported by transpersonal psychologists today.

Often we don't want to let go of blame because of nothing more than pride. Unconsciously we understand the truth that we are responsible for our experience. The conscious ego, however, wants to blame because it is defending itself. It does not want to feel that it could be stupid enough to cause harm to itself. The nature of the ego, and of highly egocentric people in particular, is always to be right, and blame is usually how self-righteousness is maintained.


"Ruskan's Emotional Clearing is full of useful insights into emotional healing, and he deserves a wide audience among both psychotherapists and yogis alike."
Yoga Journal


Emotional Clearing
is a book that can turn your life around. I sincerely hope you will take a few minutes to look at some of the 100 reader testimonials I have posted here. I guarantee they will open your heart with their obvious authenticity, earnestness, and praise, and you will learn a lot about working on yourself by reading them. They are among my most prized possessions. These people all started working on themselves with only the book as their guide. If they can do it, so can you!


Now is the time to resolve that you will take steps to end the tyranny of negative emotions and ignite your spiritual practice at the same time! This is what your spiritual practice has been missing!

If you have ever been in therapy, or have thought about it, or wish to find the common ground between spiritual practice and therapy, this is the book that will explain it!

Begin to work on yourself NOW, and reverse the ever-increasing build-up of negative emotions as they are left unattended.

There is nothing I have left out of this book that you will need to buy later to get the full story - all the secrets to the Emotional Clearing system are here.




©2010 John Ruskan